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Welcome To The Ocean Beach Fair – By Hollywood And Vines


Welcome to the Ocean Beach Fair, first outing by South Shields five piece Hollywood and Vines. Formed at the back end of 2010, with this, their, self produced, first single, out by the end of February 2011… not a bad little turnaround and a catchy little opener to boot. They are already planning a follow up EP to be released in April.

Welcome to the Ocean Beach Fair, is a bitter sweet tale, of frustration and loss set against the bright lights and heady aromas of the fairground. The tone is generally set from the opening (and closing) piano… through pained lyrics, such as, “This isn’t life, this isn’t even living!” and “When I feel you’re near, I can feel the fear!” …but It’s not all gloom, there’s a glint of hope as our hero throws caution to the wind and opts to lose themselves in the moment,… ah the waltzer, the whirling epicentre of danger, excitement and raging teenage hormones… “Spin like there’s no tomorrow.” Indeed!

Listing influences from The Killers to The Velvet Underground and drawing inspiration from a healthy range of mixed media. It’s the distinctive fragile  folky vocal that draws you in, kinda how I’d imagine David Byrne would do a Neil Young impression.

‘Welcome to the Ocean Beach Fair’ is available for download right now from iTunes and Amazon. Physical copies are also available from Beatdown Records, Steels Wheels and RPM in Newcastle, as well as from the band at gigs.

Speaking of which… catch them live at Fishtank in Durham on April 16th and then at the Dog and Parrot in Newcastle on June 10th.


By Dave on April 2, 2011

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