The Arts Barge Project – Can You Float Their Boat?


The Arts Barge Project is a large (and growing) group of musicians, performers and supporters who want make sure that York’s community arts scene is right at the forefront of the city’s cultural life.

While just the word ‘community’ might have some people running for the exits, there’s nothing amateur about what these guys offer and it’s precisely their mix of the seriously talented and the genuinely community-focussed that makes what they do so unique – not to mention the fact that they want to do all this on a barge!
They’re currently running a funding appeal to raise £5000 to buy their very own barge-venue and they’re nearly there! Only £1180 to raise in the 13 days and they need your help. Visit their crowd-funding website to check out the video of their project when it floated during last year’s Festival of the Rivers and to make a pledge. They’re not asking for something for nothing – every single pledge gets rewarded with a gift!

So, check out what you can give and what you can get and help these guys give you your very own community barge!

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They are also running a stage at this years mighty GALTRES FESTIVAL


And visit now for your tickets to this years festival!!!

By Andy on April 17, 2012

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