Are you the London Underground?


I want to contribute and add a post about my town, but it all looks a bit complicated?

It may be a bit daunting at first, but honestly it’s a piece of cake. If Peter can do it, anyone can. We’ll give you contributer access rights, so you can’t break anything, and then you’ll be off. Any problems drop us a line and we’ll guide you through it.

What if I want to return an item?

Absolutely… if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. If for any reason you feel we haven’t lived up to your expectations, send it straight back and we’ll replace it or refund you fully. Can’t say fairer than that.

How does your t-shirt sizing work?

So… you’re new to this t-shirt malarkey then? Well this is how it works. We offer our shirts in Small, Medium, Large, Extra large XXL and XXXL. Measure yourself around your Northern chest. Small is 36″, Medium is 38-40″, Large is 42″, Extra Large is 44″, XXL is 46-48″ and XXXL is 50-52″. We ain’t organised enough to have the women’s cut, sizes up and running yet. Sorry about that. However the Small’s have been fairly popular in that area to date.

Free Postage & Packaging?

Yeah I know… “Free!”  Surely not? Well not exactly… but hey the price you see is the price you pay, nothing added on at the last minute. All beautifully wrapped up and carefully posted. So if you’re ordering an Extra Large from Australia, you’ve made a killing and if you’re a Small from Burnley you’ve slightly lost out… but it all evens itself out.. it’s so much easier!

How do I pay?

Paypal is our preferred method of payment, it’s a doddle and all your personal details are 100% safe…. what do you mean you haven’t got a Paypal account!!!.. You can set one up easily from the link,  it’s just a fast, safe and convenient way to pay for stuff. You pay from a PayPal account (which is free for you to set up) which ‘refills’ by drawing on your  card or bank account. In this way you can pay quickly and easily without disclosing any financial information. If you are still unsure check out Paypal’s site for more information.

I’ve never owned a shirt before, how do I look after it?

We use 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, premium heavyweight shirts… the shirts you want are the same ones we want, since we wear them too!

Standard t-shirt aftercare/washing instructions apply… you know… wash dark colours together, at 40-60 degrees, don’t boil the arse off them. Wash inside out. ( If you remember.) Don’t iron on the screen print… all that usual guff that no one takes any notice of… probably because you just fling it at your wife/girlfriend/mother/gran etc. to sort out.

How long will it take to come?

We aim to get these little blighters out as soon as poss. We’ll drop you a line to let you know it’s on its way too. Hopefully within the week, so you’re togged up for the weekend. However, this is also the bit where we also cut ourselves a bit of slack, because some sizes move faster than others. So I’ve been told to put this “up to 28 days” bit in, just in case we run out, go on holiday or Uncle Keith’s press goes into melt down.


We made the decision on day1, to donate a percentage of the income that our products generate, to Shelter (the homeless charity)  We’re not martyr’s… it’s just a bloody good organisation. Our northern roots dictate that this is split 50/50 between the English and Scottish charities. Please feel free to check out the great work, these people do at http://england.shelter.org.uk and http://scotland.shelter.org.uk and help them out if you can. In this day and age it’s too easy to find yourself in freefall,…. unemployment, illness, abuse or a bereavement. You can walk down any high street and look up at the empty, dead space above street level… un-used space that could easily be converted to decent living accommodation. The country’s gone mad… greed on top of greed… empty space in every city while people sleep in doorways!!  [Rant over]