Move Over Brown Bottle – The North Has A Brand New Super Hero.

Although I’m not convinced by his name. Or, come to think of it, the potency of his unprecedented super powers. BBC news tells the story…

Metro cling man falls from train

A man fell from a Metro train on Tyneside after grabbing on to the outside of an open carriage window.

The 19-year-old clung on to the train for about 200 metres (656 ft) as it left Meadow Well station for North Shields on Tuesday night.

You can read more tales of derring-do involving the heroic adventures of Metro Cling Man over at the BBC site.

Oh, and for those not old (or highbrow) enough to get my Brown Bottle reference, here you go. Now don’t go saying I never do anything for you.

By Barry Bell on October 21, 2009

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