North East Twitterers – A List Of Lists.

If, like me, you have nothing better to do all day than sit around twatting on about nothing for hours on end, then here’s a little treat for you.

Unless you’ve spent the last year in a cupboard, you’ll have heard of Twitter. To some, it’s the most useful social networking app since, well… since the last most useful social networking app, and to others, it’s a complete, utter, meaningless, waste of time, space and energy. Basically, it’s the online equivalent of Marmite – you can either sit at the kitchen table for hours on end eating it from the jar with a soup ladle… or you hate it.

Having said all that, it’s useless to anyone unless you find people worth stalking following – and I don’t mean shite C, D and E list celebrities, either. (Yes, you probably all know who you are.)

But finding useful people can be tricky, not to mention time consuming. However, Twitter recently launched a handy lists feature which makes the job slightly easier. And to make it even easier for you to get started, I’ve put together a list of lists of North East based twitterers – based on the fact that I think following people local to you is a pretty good idea.

So, have a bit of a click around, see who’s who, and let us know in the comments if you discover any more interesting Twa.. .er, I mean ‘Twitterers’ in the North East.

Next time, we’ll take a closer look at some of the North East’s most prolific Twitterers, possibly including the actress who played Spuggie in Byker Grove and the dark haired one from Bad Lashes. Now there’s a treat you really can afford to waste time on.

Oh, and by the way – you can find us on Twitter at

By Barry Bell on November 3, 2009

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