Utter Tosh

Not a critique, more of a rant really. Just watched Robbie Williams miming on Jonathan Ross, (Red Button), and actually annoyed, to hell that people are still trying to pull off that sort of crap in this day and age. (PR Consultants?) Some people might not remember the choreographed “Top of the Pops” live shams with guitars that weren’t plugged in and drums with round, bits of white painted, wood over the tom’s, but we’re not stupid!! We can still tell when someone’s not singing live you Muppets!

We also know, for example, that the guy’s trade mark is audience participation!!!

If this was an effort to redeem the X -factor fiasco, (eyes like dinner plates, sweating cobs and expecting the audience to sing every other line, while you ponce about like Norman Wisdom), I’m very disappointed. Don’t get me wrong… I can’t stand this sort of codshit, (except Angels perhaps… credit where its due!), but the soap opera does my head in! I’m quite prepared to believe he’s had a hard time, all that fame/pressure on a quite frankly limited talent, must take it’s toll. Not to mention the record industry’s, no doubt, outrageous pressure’s to produce the next big “hit.” But, Rob, man!!… If you’re a nervous front man, go back to being the cute one, in Take That.

Like I said…  not a fan… but hate seeing anyone embarrass themselves in public like that.

By Layla on November 7, 2009

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