Morrissey. Liverpool Echo Arena. Nov 7th 2009

Now there’s a can of worms… Opens (as per..) with This Charming Man, goes into Black Cloud, while he’s crouching down to shake some hands at the front of the mosh, some muppet throws a placky bottle which hits Mr Moz “dans le tete” as the say. And that my friends is goodnight Vienna!, As he then exits stage left, never to return. Two sides to this story. Firstly this thing goes on ALL the time, at every arena-type gig, and not just plastic bottles either, I’ve seen heads split open in the crowd with glass bottles and been showered with drinks (and probably worse), and it is bloody annoying. I know this guy was escorted out, no doubt, for his own safety. However… once that’s been sorted. I reckon he should have then come back on to, (undoubtedly) rapturous applause. Morrissey knows fine well he has a uniquely loyal fan base, fans that travel the length of the country (and further) and have done for 20 odd years, fans that will gladly pay £37 for a ticket and travel for 2 or 3 hours, on a school night, to go and see him.

Every Morrissey gig I’ve been to depends on 4 simple things, the attitude of the security, the attitude of the crowd, the set list but most importantly what side of bed Mozza got out of that morning. If he’s in a mood you’re gonna get a crap gig, even if everything else is right. If you hit him with a bloody bottle… you’re gonna get a crap gig or in this case no gig. Yes, of course he’s a prima donna, you already knew that.

Tomorrow is another day. Just wish the tickets weren’t so pricey.

By Dave on November 9, 2009

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