The North Cleans Up In The The Drum’s Most Creative Uk City Poll

Regional creative rag The Drum just released the figures from its latest poll to discover the UK’s most creative city. The results surprised all of you who assumed Manchester would walk this one, which by all accounts was quite a few people. But we’re not complaining – our home city, Newcastle, scooped the top spot, and we like to think we played our part in that. Even if it was by clicking on that ‘vote’ button over and over again until our clicking fingers were numb. Only joking.

Anyhoo, the final positions as reported by The Drum are…

  • 1. Newcastle 22%
  • 2. Manchester 18%
  • 3. Glasgow 13%
  • 4. Edinburgh 11%
  • 5. Leeds 9%
  • 6. Nottingham 8%
  • 7. Birmingham 7%
  • 8. Bristol 5%
  • 9. Liverpool 3%
  • 10. Sheffield 2%
  • Others 2%

However, what makes this poll extra interesting to us is that a whopping 7 out of the 10 top cities are from the North – with only Birmingham, Bristol and Nottingham flying the flag for the South.

We’ll say no more.

By Barry Bell on November 25, 2009

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