Durham Thee City Of Culture

The time is at hand people. A panel of judges are about to decide on a shortlist for the inaugural UK City of Culture. Final bids for the shortlist will be tendered by 11th December and a decision about the nominated towns and cities will be announced early in the new year.
There are a few Northern towns and cities bidding (good luck to them) and I do not want to start a “my towns better than yours” debate here, I just want to give an account for Durham from a normal persons point of view.
So, hear me out and then back the bid.

Durham is more than a city, it is a county. Indeed it is the only county in England – a bold statement I know but, think about it.
The City itself boasts a “top four” university, a beautiful cathedral, and a stunning castle.
There cannot be many better views from a train station in Britain that the dramatic vista presented you from Durham station.
The County has world class museums and canny beaches. It has hills and dales for the avid bimbbler and sights of beauty and wonder all across it.

There is a tapestry of history in industry from the coal pits to the steel works. The people are welcoming and warm.
This fantastic county gave us the legend that is Sir Bobby Robson, Anthony Eden, Alan Price, Paddy Macaloon and Paul Collingwood to name a tiny few. great people from a great county.

Now I have harked on about the past maybe too much. It is the future we should look to and Durham is a gem in the way it marries the past with the now and is having a big affair with the future.

The city is host to festivals and events all year round like the recent Lumiere. The annual Regatta. The Miners rally and shedloads of other things for the masses to do.
There are up and coming bands like The Zoo from Spennymoor, talented artists to be seen, there is a wealth of culture to be had.
Now, I am not blessed with the writing skills of a journalist or the know how of an author. I am sorry if the article here is not that fancy. I am just a daft bloke who loves the place he lives. I want others to love it too.

What it boils down to really is this, if Durham wins the UK City of Culture 2013, we in the North wont have to traipse all the way down to the Big Smoke for a good night at the theatre, or a big time charlie gig. It will be on our door step for a whole year, top class comics, world renowned shows, ballets and orchestra’s. Who knows? That is just the way I see it.

It would be fun though.

I know I have left lots of great things out. If you can think of more great things about Durham then feel free to add on!

So, one more time……BACK THE BID


By Jim on November 28, 2009

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