Said The Gramophone: Here Are The Young Men……

SAID THE GRAMOPHONE: The first of hopefully many bands to be given thenorthernline treatment. Free t-shirts and a big plug on the site. Do they deserve to be first? Hell,yes. Although just out of school (they are all 16/17 years old) and still a bit rough round the edges. They have what we like to call; potential. And bags of it. We came across them on a wintry night just before Christmas at the world famous Westgarth Social Club in Middlesbrough. They were third on the bill but that is more down to their newness rather than any reflection on their ability. As they amble on stage they cut a real dash in their new t-shirts, one even adorns their amplifier. They open with an instrumental called Vorstellung. (German for idea or concept) Any band with the confidence to open with an instrumental and call it that deserves praise indeed. Their short set (6 songs) reminded me of the halcyon days of Creation Records when they would put on 4 bands and they would all play for 15 minutes each. Just enough time to appreciate the music but no time to get bored. Think the Jasmine Minks, Biff Bang Pow and The Loft. Said the Gramophone don’t have the bowl cuts or the leather trousers but they do have  the swagger of a Pete Astor or even a young Bobby Gillespie. First track for real is a song that can be found on their myspace site; Complaints. I think it may be the northern accents but it reminded me of early Futureheads. Then comes In the Distance, Walking in Rows and So Alone. All 3 owe a debt of gratitude to a young Joy Division. This being a real compliment as the miserable boys from Macclesfield are one of my favourites. Then just as quickly as they arrived they look to go. Time for their final tune, and in my opinion, their best. So good it got a few hand-stands from an over enthusiastic fan!! Come to an end (check out begins with their trademark bass and then shoots off in a completely different direction. “Maybe you will or maybe you won’t”. Then its over. The boys troop off to great applause. Said the Gramophone are: Liam Doocey, vocals and Rhythm guitar. Joe Jasinek on Lead. Sam Hargan on Bass. And Alex, do drummers have surnames? on Drums, obviously. If you fancy checking them out they will be in Hartlepool, The Studio on the 14th of January and then back to The Westgarth, supporting King Charles, on Saturday the 6th of February. If you are in a band or know of one that could do with getting thenorthernline treatment then get in touch. ( Drop us a line and we will try to get to see you, or, do a blog of your own gig or demo or record. Those that are published on the site will get some free t-shirts which they will be expected to wear at every given photo opportunity; be they gigs or on the cover of the NME. Get involved, be northern, agitate, educate, organise. Vorstellung as they say in Middlesbrough!!!!

By peter on December 27, 2009

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