Remember My Face (this Is My Workplace.)

On line recruitment site, recently launched an interesting short film competition, based around the theme of “The Workplace.” The competition was open to all comers and could be anything from cartoons to commercials, dramas to documentaries. Entry is now closed, and the winner of the £10,000 prize will be announced, very shortly in March.

Now why are we telling you this? Well one of the 200 entries may be of interest to some of our facebook followers, in that it features ex-English teacher from Newlands School in Middlesbrough, Greg McGee together with Film maker Tom Marshall.

Now we’ve not looked at all the competition entries… but of the one’s we have seen, makes us even more impressed with the McGee/Marshall entry. A tongue in cheek homage to cheesy 80’s synthpop, (think West End Girls, meets Human League.)  There’s also probably a cheeky wink to the Flight of the Conchords, and even an unnerving Robbie Williams-esque undertone. Those who remember Mr McGee will remember a lot of the moves here and the facial expressions. Those who he taught have never forgotten him. Photography and Art studios are the winners. Education the loser.

Back to the video… it’s class, and deserves a bit of recognition, whether it wins or not. Very entertaining and congratulations to all involved, hope it goes all the way! Well done Greg, me old mucker. And to Tom (“Aren’t I allowed a private life?”) Marshall.

By peter on February 14, 2010

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