Hope And Social: “be The Architect” Box Set

Have you heard of Hope & Social? Do you know they’ve released a box set that costs £35!!!! Come back, come back, there’s more. It was recorded in a Church in West Yorkshire on November the 17th 2009. It contains their album Architect of this Church, a book full of prayers of those present on the night, a live CD of the gig itself which includes a cover of Stay with me by the “Mighty” Rod Stewart as well as a prayer to his sexiness himself. You want one? Thought not. If you’re still reading it’s actually quite good. Probably not for the first time listener or a casual fan. More for the hard core. Those that actually attended the gig and those that wished they had. I fall into the latter category. I love the album and already owned it, so didn’t really need another copy. The live CD is good. Capturing the spirit of a band at their best. The book of prayers is what it says. A book of prayers. I read through it and some of it is touching and quite spiritual but I always feel prayers are private. A conversation between you and your maker not things to be published to the world. BUT ….BUT…. I think it works. The band and their fans lay bare their souls for one night only. Something most bands wouldn’t dare to even contemplate. And for this I admire Hope & Social.

If you are a hard core fan you probably already own this. If you are not I wouldn’t really bother spending £35 on it. Buy or download Architect of this church. (http://hopeandsocial.com) Buy or download all the Four Day Hombre albums (This is what they used to be called). Wait for the next set of dates and go see for yourself AND….AND… if you do fall in love with them then go buy this box set. If there are any left.

By peter on February 19, 2010

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