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The folks at The Arches must have had a heart attack when they got told they’d have to close for January and February this winter. Luckily someone controlled the collective bowel evacuation just long enough to think it might be an opportunity and created the Off-site programme. We went to see Lynda Radley’s ‘Birds and other things I’m afraid of’ which is worth taking in before it finishes on Sunday (21st Feb). This is a one woman show written by and staring Radley. Following instructions we wait at Kelvinbridge underground for someone to lead us to the unknown venue where the show takes place. Can’t say more than that but happy to say it was a laugh. Especially enjoyed the free whisky although you might prefer the tea to keep you warm. All in all a pretty innovative way of getting around having your venue shut down and hopefully it won’t be the last we see of the Off-Site programme.
There are still a few other things on as part of this run though; Allotment looks interesting, taking over a deserted shop in Govan on Friday 19th as does A La Carte (25th-27th Feb) if you like the idea of having a dinner party in the middle of a stranger’s flat while they’re performing a play…

By Mich on February 20, 2010

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