The Hatted Man Visits Vjs, Finkle Street, York.

Bold. Determined. Ruthless. The Hatted Man fulfils his honey-drenched vision of a world wet with pleasure by visiting VJs. I’ve never seen the man so full o’ praise, my soul warmed to see him thus. Well done VJs: the Hatted Man and people like him are well looked after through your gypsy bonhomie. Next month? The Hatted Man continues his quenchless quest!

I’m a Regular Get Me Out of Here…..!!!!!

The Minster chimes for the hour of six, and around me the life that beats through the city of York through the day drains of its earthly blood like a severed artery. As if slipping into a vacant coma our city is lost into the depths of a chilling misty haze so common for late afternoon April. It is an uninspiring time of year, not the frosty romanticism of winter nor the blissful laziness of high summer. However it’s not all gloom, for I know of one place totally unaffected by seasonal adjustments. Victor J’s! Established an unbelievable nine years ago (time truly flies) VJ’s has emerged from a mass of contemporary bars as a local, cultural epi-centre. Much of this due to their continued and unabated commitment to the promotion of local artistic talent through a rotating monthly gallery, Jimi the resident dispenser of ale and worthy conversation (the boy has his MA you know) has been instrumental in showcasing a varied and challenging array of work over the last few years, and now recently refurbished (note the curvaceous moulding of the upstairs bar), the new look VJ’s offers a free and uninhibited theatre for both the display and swapping of classical and contemporary thought. When asked, the modest owners Victoria and Jenny take little credit for the success of this meaningful and diverse bar/eatery. Instead, and with good grace, the mantle is passed to their staff and customers, of which many are clearly good friends.

Victor J’s is a simple concept, just a good bar, with good chat for good people, and this working attitude is as constant as the North Star! All bases are covered and life as a customer is very easy, proven by the myriad of beaming faces that populate this sanctuary for the sane, Through-out the day and most of the evening easily accessible menus (thankfully devoid of the roquette salad/balsamic vinegar chef syndrome), offer a range of foods from all day breakfasts to Mexican wraps, real chilli nachos and ciabatta sandwiches (the chicken, cheese and bacon with BBQ sauce been outstanding). All of which are served hot, promptly and at fair prices. Now with an extended licence, whisperings of a late night tapas menu, a great seating area upstairs and revamped beer garden this tightly knitted juggernaut continues to make us all smile…

By Thomas Kershaw (The Hatted Man) on March 4, 2010

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