The Hatted Man’s Search For York’s More Pleasure Beslobbered Hotspots Continues. This Week He Lays Waste To New Street’s ‘blue Fly’ And Enjoys Ev’ry Minute Of’t!

From the grim, grey slur that is the contemporary northern winter comes a reviving summer infused evening from one of York’s more forward thinking cafe bars. The Mediterranean inspired Blue Fly has spread its glorious wings to offer an eclectic mix of music coming from a team of local DJ’s. This small but intimate cafe bar is striking a huge hit on the York bar scene since extending their late licence until two o’clock in the morning. The limited capacity and restricted opening nights allow you a feeling that you’ve really stumbled upon a hidden gem in a town that’s increasingly dominated by the big chain bars. Blue Fly doesn’t try, and that’s the beauty. If you like it, stick around, if not no worries. Blending a mixture of classic funk/soul and subliminal rare grooves with current bar sounds means you can cast away your winter blues and book an early break for a couple of hours on the Costa’s. Grab a cocktail or a cold beer and relax.

Blue Fly Lounge has segued into the world of providing top quality meals for the satisfied shopper: have a look upstairs, get yourself a table and watch from above while the York streets grow darkling. Inside? The night begins. It’s not hard to discern the exciting beginnings of all things nocturnal in Blue Fly, whether it be in the downstairs bar or the elegant lounge luxury of upstairs.

By Thomas Kershaw (The Hatted Man) on March 17, 2010

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