Race Horses Live At The Westgarth Social Club, Middlesbrough On Thursday The 1st Of April 2010

Coal Mines, Super Furry Animals, John Charles, Manic Street Preachers, Dylan Thomas, Stereophonics, Byron Stevenson, Goldie Lookin Chain, Brian Flynn, Shirley Bassey, Joey Jones, Kelly Jones, Vinnie Jones, Tom Jones, Myfanwy Price, Catatonia, Slate mines, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Ryan Giggs, Gossamer Beynon, Charlotte Church, Richard Burton, Ivor the Engine, Llareggub, Leeks, Stacey Shipman (nee West)……… all very tidy. Now add to that list RACE HORSES.

This is not the first time we have come across this band of Welsh minstrels. Remember we saw them support Fanfarlo in Leeds a few months ago? Well, on that night I had a chat with them and promised them that when they came to Middlesbrough we would give them some of our great t-shirts and review them again. So, sure enough that is what we have done. See pictures for proof that not only did we give them some shirts but they wore them as well. Now I hear you all shout….”Wales is not in the North of Britain” and hey, you are right. But lest you forget there is more than one way to appear on thenorthernline. First is simple…. be from THE NORTH. The second is almost as easy…… COME TO THE NORTH. And that ladies and Gentleman is why they are here. Also we feel a certain affinity with the good people of Wales.  Not just through the names listed above but the fact that the Welsh have far more in common with us northern folk than they do with our southern brothers. Maybe instead of drawing an imaginary line across our beautiful islands we should actually just say “everyone who was shafted by the tories in the 80s and 90s can be our friends”. It would be a lot simpler. And the folk from Wales could join in. Ok forget that and go back to point 2. They played somewhere in the North.

Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday or April Fools day. How many names does one day of the year need? Anyway, on this night we again got to witness the superb Race Horses. (http://www.myspace.com/racehorsesmusic)  I had a quick chat with them, gave them some shirts and within minutes they were bouncing onto stage to Dear Lila. Their mix of Beatles meets the Beach Boys with a big dollop of The Kinks and Super Furry Animals makes for a great sound. Their wonderful harmonies and boyish enthusiasm win over most of a crowd waiting to be won over. Thats the great thing about the Westgarth the crowd are there to give the bands a go and are most appreciative. The Race Horses have promised to return so maybe we will see them again on stage in the not too distant future. They skip through their set. They throw in a number of gems early on; Pony, Cake, and Alpine. All available on their debut album; Goodbye Falkenburg. Their set does dip a bit in the middle but just as some seem to be drifting off to the bar they reel us back in with Man in my Mind, their last single and then my personal favourite from the album; Scooter. “I’m not an angry man, I just don’t like the water” indeed. Then their soon to be classic Marged Wedi Blino. As the title hints it is a song sung in their native tongue. I think in the last review I said how well the Welsh language lends itself to song and I can’t say anything different this time. A beautiful song that conjures up images of Male Voice Choirs, the film version of Under Milk Wood and Mwng by the Super Furry Animals. A heady mix of melody and literacy. Even though I don’t undersatand a word of it!!! One more tune; Ain’t nobody else and they’re off.  I speak to them later at the merchandise stall in my best Gavin and Stacey accent. They sign posters, sell CDs and generally make friends with everyone. A great band and a great bunch of lads. We look forward to covering them again in the future.

The Kids are solid Gold have a few more shows lined up soon; Goldheart Assembly and Lau to name but two. Go to their site and see what they’ve got in store. http://www.myspace.com/thekidsaresolidgold

The Westgarth keeps going from strength to strength with more and more gigs taking place there. It is fast becoming the place to be in Middlesbrough. Check them out on Facebook or get yourself along to a gig. You won’t regret it.

By peter on April 5, 2010

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  1. Top gig, top lads. Chatted to them for a while. Hope they make it big too! Love them as much as Woodenbox. Welld one for Andy and bro Phil for the quality bands that keep coming. Was not so keen on Emmanuel and the Fear though!

    Comment by Simon — April 5, 2010 @ 7:55 pm

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