Kris Drever “mark The Hard Earth”

Those regular to the northernline will have heard of a certain Kris Drever. His appearance at the Kids are solid Gold (  Christmas do with his friends Roddy Woomble, Boo Hewerdine et al was one of the gigs of the year. He is also a member of the superb LAU who will be coming to The Westgarth in Middlesbrough at the end of the year to steal the gig of the year trophy for Kris for a second year running.

As a member of LAU  ( Kris has set a standard that I’m afraid this album doesn’t quite live up to. There are a few tracks worth seeking out “Shining Star” written by Sandy Wright and “Allegory” by Murray Attaway are my two favourites and worth a listen. Last years album with Roddy Woomble and John McCusker;Before the Ruin” also available like this album on Navigator records (  is a much better example of his talent. “Sweet honey in the Rock” was written by John McCusker with words by Boo Hewerdine who also helped on “Before The Ruin”. Maybe Kris should have stuck with the full band treatment. Maybe he is filling in time until the next LAU album. A pity as I think he is much better than this. A mixed bag of songs by a variety of writers. It falls between a few stools. Maybe I am being harsh or maybe he has set a standard with his debut solo; Black Water that we expect more. I look forward to seeing him with LAU and getting together with Roddy and John for another album. Hopefully another “Before the Ruin” or even better an “Arc Light“.

On the subject of Roddy Woomble. The Northernline is off to see Idlewild in York on Friday (16th April 2010) expect an in depth review sometime soon.

By peter on April 13, 2010

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  1. Give the album some time! It really is worth the effort. There are so many strong songs, My Shining Star and Wild Hurricane (both written by Sandy Wright), Crown of London (by Kris’s brother Duncan) and the self penned Mark The Hard Earth for a start. Add on some great musicians and backing vocals (Tim O’Brien, Heidi Talbot, Karine Polwart) and you have an album worth spending time with. Definitely my favourite album of 2010 by some distance.

    Comment by Derek MacDonald — April 13, 2010 @ 11:12 pm

  2. WEll,just to say,that kris drever is actually my favourite musician,any tune or any song he plays is brilliant and full of unic personality. He has no top, He is gonna grow and grow,to be even better,but the time will speak. All the best for kriss.

    Comment by Nacho from spain — April 14, 2010 @ 2:55 pm

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