Sovietdisco: “let’s Kill Music”

“Like the fun of The Rapture fuzzed up with the melodic distortion of OK Computer and the dirty, cocky blues of The Stones; we love it…”

Muso’s Guide Sept 2009

I am not quite sure if I share the overtures of the ”Muso’s Guide  but I certainly was surprised by this release. SOVIETDISCO are a new band from Teesside. Formed, I guess, in 2009. This 5 track CD release came out early in 2010. From the name I was expecting a kind of indie, Kasabian style group. But I would say they are heavier than this. Rolling Stones, yes, Radiohead, maybe!!! I also started thinking of Muse (who I cannot stand) and Smashing Pumpkins (who I love). So do I like it, well, yes, actually. Not my usual bag and some of the guitars almost go into “solo” territory but overall an interesting release. The Music also spring to mind but don’t let that put you off. The tracks are as follows;

(1) Pandemic

(2) Sheila Tequila

(3) Martyr for the Fallen

(4) Insane

(5) This is Dogging 

Available for the pricely sum of £1 through their myspace site.

Despite some very dodgy song titles (Sheila Tequila anyone??) It is worth a listen. The band that I finally went for (I know comparing bands with other bands is lame, lazy and crass but hey how else do you describe a new band? You always say “Oh, they sound like a mixture of A, B and C with a hint of D or E. That way people kind of understand. But it is not an exact science and I am sure people will hear different things.) The great thing with SOVIETDISCO is that they conjure up a number of bands and don’t just sound like a copycat of one band. They use their influences widely and they are a mixture of, in my opinion, great stuff and rubbish stuff. But back to the one I plumped for; The Cooper Temple Clause. “See through this and Leave” (2002) is a superb album and yes Boys and Girls this is what they sound like, to me….sort of……. Pandemic is like a Panzer Attack for 2010. It’s not just the music but the lyrics and the song titles as well. I know I’m not too impressed with “This is Dogging” as a title but “Been training Dogs” was not too great a choice either.

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Get passed the lazy comparisons and your prejudices and buy the CD. Go see them locally while you still can. (dates above)  I certainly will be looking to get to a gig in the summer. Get them to wear some t-shirts and embroil them in this whole northernline shenanigans!!!

By peter on April 14, 2010

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