Idlewild Plus Sparrow And The Workshop Live At Fibbers In York On Friday 16th April 2010

 On the best day of the year so far, thenorthernline ventured out to sunny York, guest list passes at the ready, to see one of our great “lost” bands. Idlewild have produced some great music over the past dozen years or so. From Captain in 1998 right up to their superb latest album 2009s Post Electric Blues.

 The venue they were playing has also been a mainstay of live music over the past few decades. Fibbers has played host to just about everyone who’s anyone. This was our first visit in the guise of thenorthernline. A compact venue but a great sound and atmosphere. It plays host to live music almost every night of the year. Go give it your support.

What do you call an American, a Scotsman and a Welsh man? Well, if they are on  stage and making a great racket then the answer must be Sparrow and the Workshop. They are certainly not a joke and I reckon you will be hearing a lot more about them in the coming months. A pounding back beat, no bass guitar, thrilling guitar lines and a PJ Harvey on vocals.  ( Favourite track for me I will break you. Give it a listen on their myspace or buy the album Crystals Fall available now. You wont be disappointed.

Then the main attraction. I know how a lot of you like set lists to see what songs the band have played so here goes;

(1) City Hall

(2) Younger Than America

(3) Roseability

(4) Little Discourage

(5) You held the world in your arms

(6) Live in a hiding place

 (7) Tell me ten words

(8) Readers and Writers

(9) Actually it’s darkness

 (10) Quiet Crown

 (11) In competition for the worst time

 (12) No Emotion

 (13)When I argue I see shapes

 (14) I’m a message

 (15) A Modern Way of Letting go

 (16) Love steals us from loneliness

(17) In remote part

(18) Too long awake

(19) Captain

(20) Everyone says you’re so fragile

We even managed to get the drummer, Colin Newton, to wear one of our lovely blue “pigeon” t-shirts. I left a bag of t-shirts for the boys and they were seen wearing them the next night in Crewe. Do I have to tell you how good they were? I’m sure you must be aware of Idlewild. After more than 13 years in the business they are still giving it their all. 20 songs to a packed out venue. The places may have gotten smaller over the last few years but their enthusiasm does not seem to have diminished. Seek out their greatest hits; Scottish Fiction: Best of 1997 to 2007 or my all time favourite Idlewild album The Remote Part or last years Post Electric Blues, which was a welcome return to form. ( Find my review of their gig at the Empire in Middlesbrough last October or Roddy Woombles solo gig at the Westgarth, also in Boro. Go to The Northern Lines Facebook page to find some extra photos from the night. Is that enough things to do???

By peter on April 21, 2010

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  1. A spot on review. There was a thickening throng of people on the streets of York BUZZING about this gig. Much obliged to see some well written feedback on this, the only site worth visiting apropos pop culture happenings in the North. x

    Comment by Thomas Kershaw (The Hatted Man) — April 25, 2010 @ 5:56 pm

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