Idlewild: “portrait Of The Artists As Not So Young Men” By Simon J. Newbury

If you have been following the northernline for the past few weeks you will know that we went to see Idlewild in York. You may also recall that they played Crewe the following evening and that they were snapped by Simon J. Newbury wearing our northernline t-shirts. Well, he has kindly sent us a whole set of band portraits. He also sent us his recollections of meeting the band but after half a pint of whisky these may or may not be true!!! Enjoy.

“All these portraits were done prior to the show at The Box, Crewe. I am the official photographer for the venue and music photography is a big part of my business. Some bands can be hard to approach, especially with photographic requests. Idlewild could not be any more friendly. Not at all stuck up, each member gladly posed for me so I could make a set of portraits of the entire band. The guys also gave me nearly half a pint of malt whisky for my troubles and a fair bit of red wine! Top lads all round. It was truely nice to meet such genuine people.”

Idlewild, great band, great guys, great t-shirts (not just the northernline one!!) and absolutely no chance of turning into a boy band!!! A big thanks to all the band and a special thank-you to Simon for the photos. More examples of his work can be found at:

By peter on May 1, 2010

Check out all the pics

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