It’s Grim Up North………….

Whilst browsing the papers yesterday (Saturday 15th May. FA Cup Final day) I spotted this story. Now I know us northerners think we are tough and that those down south are soft southern Jessies. But, this proves we are right…………..

A full time media vicar is to be appointed to help BBC staff handle the “trauma” of moving north. The Church of England has advertised for an “experienced vicar” to be based in a chaplaincy at MediaCity UK in Salford Quays. Among the staff the successful candidate will help are up to 1,500 BBC workers leaving London. A BBC source said: “Many are horrified by the prospect and there will be people who’ll need counselling.” Five departments are due to move north next year.

“Horrified”, “need counselling”…….. Well I’ve heard it all now. What are they scared of? Men in flat caps saying “Ey up cock”. Being made to grow leeks in their front gardens. Do they think that Eastenders will be in subtitles? Will they be made to drink gallons of Boddingtons???? It reminds me of that Cathrine Tate sketch where the nanny comes and she is from THE NORTH. Maybe as far as Newcastle or even Sunderland!!!!  Brilliant.

By peter on May 16, 2010

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