Middlesbrough Music Live 2010

Where will you be on Sunday the 6th of June? If you have any sense you will be getting yourself to Sunny Boro for the best festival of the summer. Why is it the best? Well it’s got tons of great bands, great venues, hardly any trekking about, proper toilets, real beer and it’s FREE. Yes, you read that right. It’s FREE. Now we are planning to go to a whole heap of festivals this summer and we know that some are going to be great but this is one of the few that are not only great but cost you zilch. So, for value for money we reckon it is the best.

Go to the web site and see all the bands that are appearing. There are over 80 ranging from household names such as The Hoosiers and Turin Brakes to up and coming sensations like Frankie & the Heartstrings to a wealth of local talent including Young Rebel Set.

http://www.middlesbroughmusiclive.co.uk/ When you go to this site you can click on the bands names and it will take you to their site where you can hear tracks etc. We here at the northernline asked a few of our friends who we should see. So this is not a definite list it is just a few recommendations from us and our friends. As you will see even we have found problems with bands who clash. This is probably the only problem I can find with this event. There’s too many good bands. As an added extra (and because I am a bit of a trainspotter) I have included my all time favourite gigs at the venues. I know, I know, who wants to know that?

Main Stage: Centre Square: Get their nice and early for the 12:00 kick-off that is The Young Rebel Set. From Stockton, used to be Billy the Kid. Going to be massive. As I have only been to one music live, last year 2009, and the only group I saw on the main stage was the Zutons I have no favourite gig on this stage. Hopefully that will all change this year.

Ten Feet Tall: The Empire: If you don’t fancy Young Rebel Set or cos it’s raining (hopefully not) then get in doors for Our Secret Sins at 12:00. I know nothing about this lot but will do some research and if I don’t catch them at Music Live I will in the near future. Danny and the Champions of the World at 4:00. Followed by Wildcats doing Rum Sodomy and the Lash at 5:10. The reason I picked this is because I love the Pogues and unless something better comes along this is where I’ll be. John Power, he of The Las and Cast fame is on at 7:40. I will be elsewhere but you might fancy it. Then at 8:50 one of my faves Turin Brakes. I haven’t seen them live since about 2002 so really looking forward to this. My favourite ever gig at the Empire? Only one contender really. Arctic Monkeys in the summer of 2005. If you were there you’ll know why. If you weren’t I bet you wish you had been!

Sumo Stage: Town Hall Courtyard: Nothing recommended for this!!! Please tell me otherwise. Or it will have no favourite gig next year as well!!!!!

Evening Gazette: Town Hall (Main Stage): The Crookes at 1:05. Hot Club de Paris at 2:00. Then my highlight of the day; Frankie & The Heartstrings at 4:05. Followed by Chapel Club at 5:10. I might have nipped off to the Empire for “The Sickbed of Cuchulainn” by then! Detroit Social Club at 7:20 who were recommended by everyone I asked so must be worth seeing and then Freebass at 8:25. Peter Hook, Mani and the one and only Andy Rourke!!!! I might stay for a while just to see Andy as my all time favourite gig at the Town Hall is The Smiths on the Queen is Dead Tour in 1986. I also saw them the previous year but I think 86 was the best.

Homegrown Crypt: Town Hall Crypt: Only one act made it from this stage; We’ll all be heroes at 8:00. Forgive my ignorance of these but I will endeavour to seek them out in the future. As they clash with 2 others I doubt I will see them. Favourite time in the Crypt was again from 1986. Primal Scream supported by Pop Will Eat Itself. Superb. Bobby on top, top form.

Homegrown Outdoor: Corporation Road: A band I am looking forward to seeing in the flesh. Soviet Disco. You may remember the review we did of their demo. Really looking forward to catching them at 5:30. Then at 7:30 Jimmy and the Sounds. As last year was my first time it will have to be Said the Gramaphone at MML in 2009 as the best I have seen on this stage. Where are these boys this year????

Cosmos Stage: Upstairs in the Central: Hot footing it from the main stage will be Leno at 1:00. He of Young Rebel Set fame. Saw him supporting at the Westgarth, so well worth a look. And then my second most anticipated band of the day; Cattle & Cane at 1:45. These boys and girls are going to be great. We have already featured them at the Northernline but you cannot get enough of a good thing. As this will be my first venture to the upstairs of the Central (apart from one dodgy party about 10 years ago) there is no favourite but I know for sure that this will be different next year.

Harry Houdini: The Empire (First Floor): A hotly tipped band Jesse Rose Trip at 4:40. I hope to catch these as I’ve heard great things about them. Then at 8:20 Teessides heroes The Chapman Family. I have to confess I’ve heard little by them but stood in WH Smiths and read a whole article about them. They come across very well in print and I am sure will do the same aurally. Favourite gig here was Billy the Kid  from last year. Brilliant.

Well thats the Northernlines day sorted. Follow our lead or completely ignore it. But get yourself to Boro on the 6th of June. Support the event, cheer the bands and enjoy probably the best value for money day you will have all year.

A big thank-you to Amy and Ben Myers, Carl Percival and Andrew Storey for their recommendations.

By peter on May 26, 2010

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