Deer Shed Festival: Update

“Keep looking for the girls with their faces all tanned, Lying on the beaches all covered in sand” (Here Comes The Summer: The Undertones)

Now there aren’t too many beaches around Thirsk in North Yorkshire but the summer is definitely here. And the place to be in a few weeks time is Baldersby Park, Near Topcliffe, Near Thirsk, North Yorkshire! On Saturday the 17th of July we will see the first ever Deer Shed Festival. Here at The Northern Line we have been following the plans for this festival with interest. And if everything goes to plan, as we are sure it will. It is going to be great. Now if you want to go you’d better be quick as there are only 150 tickets left. And, they won’t be selling them on the day.

       “We’d race around and follow the sun, ‘Cops we all know that Summer means fun” (Van, Van, Van by CUD)

And fun is what we intend to have what with The Wedding Present, Young Rebel Set, Miles Hunt and Erica Nokalls of The Wonder stuff, The Young Knives, Hope & Social and countless others. All together in the middle of beautiful North Yorkshire countryside. The festival is also very much geared up as a family affair. There is loads to do for the kids. Have a look at their web site to see all the wonderful things going on; Green Top Circus workshops, Animation workshops, Doodle wall, Yoga sessions and Jet Set Gothic Morris Dancing (Whatever that is….) to mention but a few.

As well as all the entertainment the food and drinks are worth the asking price alone. Real Ales at reasonable prices (£2.50) and a real hog roast courtesy of Jim’s dad (Now I know Jim and have tasted his dads hog roasts so you are in for a treat). Which festival offers this kind of culinary delights? Not many I imagine. So get to their site, snap up the last of the tickets and have yourself a great day out in the countryside. Did I say the Wedding Present were doing the whole of Bizarro as well? I didn’t? Well they are. One of the best albums of 1989 (In a year of The Stone Roses, 3 Feet High and Rising and Doolittle). What more do you want?

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By peter on July 5, 2010

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