Cakebook Flashmob Picnic

A wee bit late, but worthy of a mention for the sheer audacity of trying to build a city out of cake and assemble it in a single afternoon in the sweltering heat of Gateshead’s Saltwell Park. 100 teams of professional and amateur cake builders from across the UK and beyond formed an online ‘Cakebook’ community. This culinary network shared tips, ideas, experiences and documented their progress. It all culminated in the construction of 100 iconic buildings and structures from Newcastle and Gateshead assembled in a giant free Flashmob picnic, on Sunday June 20th, all part of Newcastle/ Gateshead’s, Summer, EAT! Festival.

Contrary to expectations it was an absolute scorcher of an afternoon, and as such some cakes fared better than others in the heat. An outrageously ambitious, sugar spun version of the Millennium bridge was the first to go in spectacular fashion, followed by the Byker Wall in a lush melting lake of chocolate icing.

An incredible afternoon of utter, utter lunacy and a fantastic free family day out. You even got to eat them at the end.

By Dave on July 15, 2010

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  1. This years Cakebook event is happening at Gibside on Sunday 26th June!

    Comment by Vicky — May 20, 2011 @ 4:09 pm

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