Dude. An Art History Of British Surfing. – Woodhorn

What the hell Woodhorn Colliery’s got to do with surfing is anyones guess… however, up until the 19th of september you can strap yer ironing board to the roof of yer car and head off to Ashington to “Hang Ten” or even Eleven if you’re that way inclined and check out a history of the sport through art.

From the earliest sketches of surfers during the voyages of Captain Cook in the 18th century, through the flower power haze of the 1960′s and garish fluorescent colours of the 1980′s – An Art History of British Surfing is touted as “an exciting visual feast of boards, paintings, posters, photography and film”.

The show has been put together by the Museum of British Surfing.

For more (or less the same) details visit www.experiencewoodhorn.com

By Dave on July 15, 2010

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