Rock Your Mind: Music Festival, Middlesbrough 10/10/10

“It isn’t about creating money for charity, its creating awareness for mental health
in genereal and the services and contacts you need. All letting people know about
the EIP team basically.” (Aaron Gray: Organiser)

Great cause and great date to have any event. On  Sunday the 10/10/10 in 10 venues across Middlesbrough 100 or more bands, DJs, singers and songers will perform in order to raise awareness of mental health issues in the area. All venues are free to enter and there wont be a great emphasis on putting money in buckets or agreeing to sell your soul at some point in the future. The idea is to make people aware! Here at THE NORTHERN LINE we are getting behind the event and encouraging you to do like wise. Due to the number of bands performing we are not going to list the whole time-table. Just a snap shot to inform you of the venues and a nod as to who we would watch. This is bands that have come up on our radar or been suggested by others. If your band or mates band is performing and we have not listed them here then do something about it. Send us an email telling us a little bit about them, where they are playing and at what time. AND, most importantly, tell us, and the world WHY they should go and see them! Easy isn’t it? The whole event is organised by Expose Promotions and Aaron Gray in particular. Give them your support and have a great day out watching loads of bands for free. Nominations to


James a Mann @ 11:00,Paintings of Ships @ 2:00, The James Lewis Band @ 4:00, The Broken Broadcast @ 6:00, Wake The President @ 8:oo, Polly & the Billets doux @ 9:00

THE KEYS, Linthorpe Road; 

Various DJs and Hip Hop people.

DICKENS INN, Southfield Road; 

Temujin @ 2:00, Young Heligans @ 5:00, Said the Gramaphone @ 7:00, Young Hearts @ 9:00.

SPENSLEYS, Albert Road;

Sister Rose @ 7:00,  Blackmountain Poets @ 8:00, Our Secret Sins @ 9:00.

TS:ONE, Linthorpe Road; 

Andy X @ 12:00, Rikki Doolan @ 3:00, Samantha Durnan @ 8:00, Suzanne Elizabeth @ 9:00.

THE STAR, Southfield Road; 

Friends of the Family @ 6:00, 4 Mile Drive @ 9:00.

UNCLE ALBERTS, Exchange Place; 

Orchard Road @ 11:00, Rewind don’t repeat @ 5:00, Sarah Lee Scott @ 8:00, Grinny Grandad @ 9:00.

MAIN STAGE, THE EMPIRE, Corporation Road; 

Bands, times etc TBA.

Dr BROWNS, Corporation Road; 

Chaos Calling @ 1:00, The sun Explodes @ 4:00, Nothing Gained @ 9:00.

CORNERHOUSE, Exchange Place; 

Drunk in Hell @ 3:00, Calasis @ 6:00, Kill the Captain @ 8:00.

By peter on August 20, 2010

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  1. This is going to be a great event raising awareness for mental health issues. And its free!! Get involved!

    Comment by Kong — August 21, 2010 @ 9:58 pm

  2. Here’s The Sun Explodes recent music video:

    Comment by A Harris — August 23, 2010 @ 12:39 pm

  3. Push Bare Phut Up, they deserve a better slot!!!

    Comment by PhutSoldier — August 28, 2010 @ 2:51 am

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