The Circus Of Horrors –(mth Press Release)


The Four Chapters from Hell. Celebrating 15 Bloody Years.

The world’s craziest circus is rocking in to Teesside at Middlesbrough Town Hall with a brand new show this November.

Following on the huge success of The Asylum, & The Day of the Dead show’s The Circus of Horrors has had a major revamp & is back rockin’ & shockin’ with special brand new show created especially to celebrate its 15th bloody year.

In it’s 15 years the Circus has toured the world and has appeared on many TV show’s including, Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, Richard & Judy, Davina McCalls Don’t try this at Home (8 times), So Graham Norton, Jerry Springer and This Morning to name just a few.

The new show The Four Chapters from Hell will take audiences on a journey though all four of the Circus of Horrors incarnations, beginning in a French Asylum where the inmates are liberated and become the performers in the show.

After killing their leader, filled with remorse they move across to Mexico to try & revive him in the Day of the Dead celebrations.

The show then moves into Victorian London, it is the late 1890’s and the Freak Show has come to town, a young girl Ragen born in the Asylum, is woken from her deep sleep and runs away to join the circus before she is sacrificed by the Evil & undead Dr Haze and fed to the vampires.

But Vampires never die and the final twist to the story takes us into the future, and into 2020, a futuristic vision of mad max style civilization inhabited by Vampires, Zombies and the Undead. Regan now also undead seeks revenge on her evil slayer, all of course to disastrous consequences.

The show contains some of the greatest, most bizarre & beautiful Circus acts on earth. From dare devil flying trapeze to a vampiric crow woman suspended only by her hair, from whirlwind roller skaters to sword swallowers. All this plus pickled & bendy people, Voodoo Warriors, Knife throwers and an almighty cast of 26 of the wildest, weirdest but most of all greatest performers on earth.

This is without a doubt a musical masterpiece with the help of the Devil driven Rock n Roll of Dr Haze & the Interceptors From Hell.

Imagine if Quinton Tarantino had directed Cirque Du Soliel then you would be only half way there.

  • The Circus of Horrors: The Four Chapters From Hell heads to Middlesbrough Town Hall on Wednesday 24 November, 7.30pm. Over 12s only. Ticket prices vary from £13 to £22. Tickets can be booked on 01642 729729.

The Circus of Horrors runs into a staggering 15 years since it first trampled the bloody boards, it has since toured relentlessly around the World achieving cult status since, generally dragging Circus screaming and shouting into the 21st century and beyond.

Music & Story by: Dr Haze

Special Effects: Savage Optic

Obituary & Quotes

Created in 1995 after a chance meeting  (ironically at a funeral) between Dr Haze & Circus impresario Gerry Cottle the Circus of Horrors made it’s debut at the Glastonbury Festival of that year. Later that year Pierrot Bidon (Archaos) was installed as creative director.

Since then The Circ us of Horrors has toured the world in major venues & festivals, including, a Arena tour of Argentina, Uruguay, Chile & Holland. Fuji Rock Festival. Japan. Tolwood Festival in Munich, Galway Festival, Ireland, Glastonbury Festival

(twice), Plus most of Britain’s art & music  festivals including an unprecedented fourth visit to the Edinburgh Festival.

It has recently completed a 78 venue Theatre tour, the length & depth of the UK and has appeared on many TV show’s including, Ant & Dec’s Saturday night takeaway, Richard & Judy, Davina McCalls Don’t try this at Home (8 times), A Royal Command Performance, A cameo role on London’s Burning, So Graham Norton, Jerry Springer, This Morning, & Bizarre ER and many news related programs. Plus 2 of its former performers were Big Brother inmates.

It has released 3 soundtrack albums ‘Destiny & Desire and Welcome to the Freak-show and the DVD Undead & Alive, the third & definitive album ‘The Evil Anthology of Dr Haze & The Circus of Horrors’ was released in October 2008.

Additional Quotes.

‘Horror was Shocking but SHOCKING is the new Horror’ Grant Pollard, producer BBC.

‘Totally Unbelievable’ Scott Mills, Radio 1

‘Bloody Good Fun’ Time Out

‘Circus Without A Condom’ The Telegraph

‘Better Than Sex’ Japanese Times

‘Bloody Marvelous’ Edinburgh Festival

‘Spectacular Stunts & Rock n’ Roll’ The Daily Mail

‘The Most Outrageous Show on Earth’ The Weekly News

‘That looks fantastic, but never trust a man in a funny hat’ John Peel (commentating on the BBC for the Glastonbury Festival.

By Ciara on October 4, 2010

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