Frankie And The Heartstrings: Ungrateful


Frankie & the Heartstrings unleash their new single on the world. And like their previous two it’s a belter. Out on brilliant 7″ vinyl with another great sleeve from Keith Pattison.

Another slab of indie pop with a smattering of camp abandonment. Frankie & his Heartstrings make perfect pop with whoops and guitars and quiffs to die for. If you haven’t heard Sunderlands finest, and we’ve given them enough pushing here at The Northern Line, then you really need to. I’m not going to bore with you with lazy comparisons when you can just go to the link and listen to them yourself. But thats not enough. You really need to own this piece of plastic that they’ve just let loose on the world. The A side, do people still call them A sides? is Ungrateful and the B side is It’s Obvious. Also, it was produced and mixed by the king of jangly guitars Edwyn Collins. Thankfully Edwyn is back out and fighting after his recent illness. Good to see that not only has he got a new album out but that he is out and about touring. We wish him all the best.

The sleeve is again from the lens of Keith Pattison and his chronicle of the 1984 miners strike: No Redemption. (We will be featuring Keith on The Northern Line soon, we promise!!!)

Released on their own label POP SEX LTD (POPSEX030) through those wonderful people at Wichita Recordings (Who are 10 years old by the way!). Go buy it.






By peter on October 9, 2010

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