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Carl Eaton is singer/songwriter in the mould of Elvis Costello, Glen Tilbrook, Roddy Frame and that bloke from Crowded House. If that hasn’t put you off then you might want to know a bit more about him and what he’s up to. Well, he’s from sunny Middlesbrough. The land least likely to survive the recession. The land that has produced, in the past,  very little in the way of rock n roll, unless you count Chris Rea. (Which we don’t!!!) But something is stirring in this land at the moment. The amount of new, talented bands is increasing on a daily basis; Young Rebel Set, Cattle & Cane, Jimmy & the Sounds, The Woven Project and the Broken Broadcast to name 5. Carl Eaton is trying to get his name added to this growing list. He has got not one but three new EPs coming out in the next week. He is also playing a showcase gig to promote them at the Georgian Theatre in Stockton-on-Tees this Friday the 22nd of October.

Carl has been producing heartfelt songs since 2005. He has released albums and has over 100 songs to call his own. He has played a number of local gigs building up a ground swell of support. These 3 EPs might now push him out of the local and into the national. He plays all the instruments himself. A multi-instrumentalist, talented, youngish man. On first listen the Elvis Costello comparisons are obvious but with further plays I found bits of others mixed with an original voice that is both strong yet fragile. His lyrics touch on the usual themes but are never over wrought or smug. The EPs contain 15 tracks which takes a lot to get through but different songs pop out at each listen. Favourite at the moment is Nothing left to say from “The Law of Love” EP. The other EPs are titled “Climbing Walls” and “The Law of Attraction”. Maybe 3 EPs is slightly ambitious but what is wrong with ambition? Go check him out at his site. Go see him in Stockton if you are in the area. Check him out and see what you think. There is a lot going on in the Middlesbrough/Teessside/Hartlepool area at the moment. Don’t wait till you’ve missed it. Get out and be part of it.





By peter on October 21, 2010

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