The Vaccines

The Vaccines At The Westgarth, 10/11/10


Sometimes all the pieces just fall into place.

I personally turned up to see The Vaccines with a great deal of pre-conceived scepticism. It’s a horrible, unhealthy way to look at life and I shall make a mental note, to try and do less of it in the future. Saw them on Jools, read the write ups, myspace, NME, soundclouds all that sort of guff… but you know… it’s never the same as first hand experience.

First time in the Westgarth and what a cracking place, a working men’s club, with a good sized room upstairs where The Kids are Solid Gold,  put bands on. No nonsense, dead easy, reasonable priced drinks and friendly punters. Great start. Good mix of people too. Your usual range of tuned in students and a surprising number of *cough* more seasoned gig goers… Again a sold out capacity crowd, yet not shoe-horned into a fire hazard crush hall like some places… enough space to watch the bands and drink your drink, without getting it all over yourself.  Four bands in total for £7. Leno, Said The Gramophone and Billy The Kid. Cracking set by Billy The Kid, by the way… must admit I was yacking too much to properly appreciate the first 2 bands.

However the main reason we were there, 40 odd miles from home on a Wednesday night, was to see the much talked about Vaccines, who have been compared to everyone from the Ramones to Glasvegas by way of the Strokes… all very pleasant company of course. And guess what? They were bloody entertaining. Two minute, fuzzed up, heart attack fast, shallow, rock n roll guitar frenzied snippets of utter fun. They’re not trying to be anything that they’re not… they just look like they’re enjoying the ride… they looked like they were enjoying themselves more than some of the crowd actually… who seemed to have that, “Come on then! What have you got?” attitude.  Loved it, absolutely loved it. At one point I looked across at Peter and we both had big stupid childish grins on our faces. Ok, so perhaps they’re not the new saviours of Indie guitar pop… but they’re bloody refreshing!

Go see, enjoy, dance, smile!

By Dave on November 12, 2010

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