The Last Battle – The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh 4/11/10


Edinburgh’s The Last Battle conjured the masses at the Wee Red on 4th of November for a headline show.

It was freezing outside as the golden leaves danced upon the icy winds…….pffft, like fuck was I getting caught in that! It was a night for good music in a cosy venue with beer in your belly. The Last Battle are the best kind of music to listen to when the weather is like this. It just makes me feel all content.

Having met the band back in August, they’ve had a problem shifting me away from their gigs. The ladies and gents of  The Last Battle don’t have a stalker, no. More like an honorary “band aid”? Well, this particular gig had the band supported by Very Well, and The Scottish Enlightenment. Each giving a fantastic performances, each getting gradually closer to the headliner’s set! Usually support bands can be either bad, okay, and dare I say better than the main. But on this occasion each act was equally as good as the next. Very Well cast a delicate hint of folk/romance for the easy listeners. The Scottish Enlightenment…WOW.

The Last Battle received a very warm reception with the tunes ‘Whisky!!’, ’Ruins’ and my favourite ‘Soul of the Sea’. They even graced us with a new track ‘Barricades’, which was started twice on account of the old drummer being a bit too “over zealous,” shall we say. Come now Liam O’Hare start as you mean to go on… in time. Despite problematic percussions, the song was awesome and very different to what people have heard already. YOU CAN DANCE TO IT! I can’t wait to hear what The Last Battle have in store for us next.

They should be the ones on the Hogmanay Stage this December. There I said it. What!?

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By Emma Parks on November 16, 2010

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