The Cavalcade: Many Moons On Pebble Records

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Once upon a time the world was  full of great indie record labels. But times were different and things changed. Gone were flexis, seven inch eps, wrap-a-round sleeves, anoraks and fanzines. But here at The Northern Line we never forgot and sometimes something comes a long to remind us of better days. Last week in the post I received 2 releases from a fantastic label called Pebble records. Now they don’t do flexis or vinyl but their releases have the feel of those C86 days. But don’t they come from the South Coast I hear you chant? Yes, they do. Eastbourne to be precise. So they’ve got nothing to do with Northern Culture have they? Well, actually they have. The two bands that they’ve signed are both from the North. The first, from Bonnie Scotland, are those 80s favourites The Orchids (Full review of their superb new album to follow.) And, from the North-West of England; The Cavalcade. A two piece band of Graig Phillips and Stephen Birtchnell with help from Richard Banks. Their album; “Many Moons” (Pebble 004) is a dreamy, indie pop feast in the vein of Felt, The Razorcuts, Sea Urchins, The Field Mice, Belle & Sebastian and their Pebble label mates; The Orchids. Opening track “Meet you in the rain” would have been a fine addition to any Sarah release. In fact if we ever get round to releasing stuff The Northern Line could do a lot worse than put this out as a seven inch single! Or even a flexi!!! Other stand out tracks are “Nobodys child”, “Dreaming to some purpose” and “I’m like a ship trapped inside a bottle“. Great title and great tune. In fact the whole feel of the album is one of romance, lost love, days spent writing letters to “Trout fishing in Leytonstone“, ice creams, being in love with being in love, la la las and jangly guitars. The more I listen to it the more I love it. I think the Razorcuts are their closest cousins. Who remembers them? You should. Buy the album. Buy an anorak. Get a fringe. Fall in love with Talulah Gosh all over again. Dig out your old copies of “Are you scared to get happy?”………




By peter on November 29, 2010

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