The Drums

The Drums Put On A Show, Monday 29th November, Abc Glasgow


The pleasure The Drums clearly take from being in Glasgow owes as much to the rapturous receptions they have received as much as it is their trans-Atlantic similarities and cited homage to the city’s own Orange Juice, a legendary and maybe significant influence which fuels the excitement as they burst onto the stage.

Having caught wind of Edwyn Collins’ recent and triumphant return in ‘Losing  Sleep’, such arresting and reverberating vocals, echo moments of magic from his former band, of which the immediacy  and vocal spurts of energy are to be found in abundance in this New York four-piece, rapidly making headway as they tour across Europe.

Breaking into territories live, above and beyond listening to their records, a ticket to see this lot definitely packs a punch. With the clear intention to put ‘the song’ back into the spotlight this band bring a unique and endearing presence to the stage; the importance of glorious pop shining through an almost impenetrable ‘Spector-esque’ wall of sound.

With a wealth of musical expertise gained in a variety of previous experimental and pop incarnations, their focus and apparently intentional uncompromising attitude to their music has in true introverted post punk fashion helped them forge an identity, and in this persona brought them closer to their fans.

This self-embracing confidence aspires to the far-reaching sounds of New Order, and the almost sugar sweet pop occasionally retains a darker and more exotic undertone. Drawing on many levels of music from club culture to a new wave of American rock influences, the band touch on more familiar ground at times by placing themselves alongside more immediately mainstream acts.

Tonight, the sheer energy of The Drums helps set the performance alight. The rich melodies wrap around stripped back & discordant bass lines.  The resulting fusion of dreamy 60s inspired oh so sweet pop, with more urgent indie beats and guitars is further intensified by the flamboyant leaping dances of the guitarist and wild emphatic gestures of singer Jonny Pierce.

There is a lot to like; they have a summer-chilled vibe, and understated style, that define their edge. The melodies are crafted between pretty little guitar riffs and in the essence of vocals like ‘And I need fun in my life, and I need life in my fun’ prove somewhat irresistible and there is no doubt that this band are onto something good. So – on with the Show!

The Drums
Edwyn Collins
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By Tom Manley on December 3, 2010

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