Rob Kilsby Exhibition, Links Art Gallery, Whitley Bay 4/12/10


I went to see multi, award winning, local photographer, Rob Kilsby’s exhibition at the weekend.  He’s had pieces displayed at The Lowry and The Baltic, and now he’s quite literally on his own doorstep, down at The Links Art Gallery in Whitley Bay. For the record, I think this guy produced one of the best images of Whitley Bay that I’ve seen “The Venetian” which you must have come across! “The Rendezvous Cafe on Acid!” Ironically taken yards from where it’s on display! … it’s a great manipulated image, but still completely recognisable and not too distorted. There are parts of the distortion that you utterly want to believe. For example, I’d love to see those red canopy posts actually twisted and bent like that and the roller shutter door is inspired. With something like this, it’s all about knowing when to stop and Rob got it spot on here! There’s some really nice pieces on display, the goal posts pic “A Beautiful Game” and Tom Collins House at, Dunn Terrace … that’s  “the Byker Wall,”to you. An Iconic building at best, but stunningly surreal, set against a black and white background.  Really nice work!

But…and there is a but! I couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed by this visit… not sure what The Links is playing at! It appears to be turning itself into a bit of a gift shop, I’m sorry to say, at the expense of the exhibits. I came to see Rob Kilsby’s photographs, (hidden in a corner)… there’s a Warhol print, that you nearly miss too. What you can’t miss, however are the Mister Men water bottles and lunch boxes and cards and that bloody “Keep Calm and Carry On!”, Ministry of Information poster, that I’m sick to the back teeth, of seeing everywhere I go!

Now, times are tough and I can see that they are undoubtedly trying to pick up on the potential Christmas market, but I just wish it wasn’t at the expense of the art work. Still… well done for supporting a local talent.

Go and see Rob’s photographs! Nice stuff!

No Images, but you can check out  a selection on his site at..

By Dave on December 7, 2010

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