The Vaccines At The Cluny, Newcastle, 5/12/10


“We came, we saw, their music conquered.”

Now if you have been following the Northern Line recently you will know that we covered The Vaccines at The Westgarth in Middlesbrough. So, to tell you again how great they are may seem a waste of time. But you know what?  As Tony the Tiger would say; “They’re great”. The Clash, The Ramones and a bit of Tenpole Tudor all thrown into a swirling mix of 2 minute pop/punk/rock songs. The next big thing? You bet!!! Tonight at The Cluny in Newcastle they were supported by two outstanding bands; O’Messy Life and The Watchers. This was our second visit to the Cluny in a matter of weeks and what a great venue it is too!! Part bar, part venue, great atmosphere, great place to be. I look forward to returning for Martin Stephenson just before Christmas. We also spent a few hours in The Ship next door. Another great pub which I am sure will get a mention when we launch pub of the year in 2011. Anyway, I’m meandering. Back to the action:

O’Messy Life: Part Pogues, part folky, terrible jumpers, but a great live band. Really enjoyed their set. So much so that I bought a copy of the CD they had on sale: “The Quarter Life of Crisis Conan” strange title, stange art work, strange name for a band but really enjoyed them. Hope to see them again sometime.

The Watchers: Now I had been aware of a band called 1862 from Newcastle. Named after the date of the Blaydon Races. But then I’d heard nothing. Maybe they split up, maybe they fled the country? Then I saw The Watchers on Sunday night and thought they were terrific. Angus Young wannabee on guitar!!! Plenty of “going for it” but also some great tunes. When I looked them up on the net I discovered that they had once been 1862!!! Had changed their name and were building up a strong following in their native North-East. Everyting explained. It also turns out that they were taught by the world famous Andy Carr, he of The Kids are Solid Gold fame!!! Small world. They claim to be Experimantal/Psychedelic/Rock. A very apt description but they are much more than mere labels. I was reminded of Five-Thirty. An absolute belter of a band from the early 90s. Great vocals, great guitars and top tunes to boot. Check them out as we most certainly will be soon.

The Vaccines: What can I say? I love them. Great lads who spent ages after the show signing posters (that they were giving away free), talking to fans and generally being chuffed at the fame they have found. They’d best have enjoyed this as I don’t think they’ll be able to be so approachable soon. Not because they don’t want to be but because the weight of fame will stop them being so open to their audience. I am pleased I have seen them twice in such a short space of time, in such small venues. Something to tell my grand kids!! I saw The Arctic Monkeys in the same venue in 2005 and the feeling was the same. Happy to be there but knowing it was probably not going to be like this again!!! If you haven’t seen them on tv, or listened to them on the net then you are missing out. It doesn’t really need me to tell you. Check out the review from the Westgarth and here is the set list for you to see what you missed. Catch them while you still can……..

Wreckin’ Bar

Post break up sex

All in white

If you wanna

Blow it up

European Sun

Wet Suit

A lack of understanding


See the photos below. Taken by my good self and close enough to almost touch them!!! Catch them on the NME tour in the New Year because by the summer it will be academys and then arenas!!!!







By peter on December 9, 2010

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