Feeder With Deaf Havana At Middlesbrough Empire 11/02/11


Like most bands, Feeder have had their problems in different shapes and sizes, except theirs have been in the shape of mountains, but despite the odds, Feeder have raged forwards to become one of the most influential artists of the modern day, drawing comparisons with legends Nirvana. (Feeders original founding drummer, Jon Lee, committed suicide in 2002 at his home in Miami.)

It was post-hardcore band Deaf Havana who kicked the evening off with their heavy riffs and screaming antics, to get the crowd warmed up and on their feet, ready for the headlining stars. The band played predominantly tracks from critically acclaimed album, “Meet Me Halfway, At Least”.

The time then came, the lights dimmed down to a pitch black Empire, then from the darkness, lead singer Grant Nicholas appeared with a roaring guitar riff to kick-start the gig. Other members then appeared on a stage which could put Blackpool Illuminations to shame and music to over-power the loudest of jet engines. Promoting their new singles and also previous album, “Renegades”, Feeder found plenty of time in their set-list to play crowd pleasers, “Buck Rogers” and “Feeling a Moment”. The band stopped halfway through the song “High” due to trouble in the crowd, in which Nicholas told the crowd to be safe, then briefly resuming playing. The band left the stage after their original set, and appeared again for their encore, which included bouncy-track “Just A Day”.

Overall, An excellent gig, with great sound and visuals to please music lovers of all ages. Great atmosphere and a band worth keeping track of.

By Sean on February 13, 2011

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