Professor Green And Ed Drewett Concert, Feb 3 Empire In Middlesbrough.


Although the weather outside is absolutely horrible – winds blowing, rain pouring – you can taste the excitement and anticipation from the crowd for tonight’s event. With half the girls dressed as if they were going to a club and to say the least an eclectic group of guys, this isn’t a gig you could just classify as having fans of one genre.

First to the stage is Ed Drewett, jumping around and within a few bars he has the crowd moving. His has obvious enthusiasm for his craft and fully exploits his vocal range with ‘If I ruled the world’. Champagne Lemonade brings back the disco feel of the 70’s and has the crowd moving. The biggest surprise was his fantastic rendition of ‘All Time Low’ the song he co wrote for The Wanted. His set seemed to fly by leaving the crowd wanting more.

“We want Green” “We want Green” the audience is eager in anticipation when they welcome DJ IQ, he truly gets the party started with a sample mix that is very eclectic and has a drum and bass feel to it. I personally found it irresistible to at least bop your head along to it. The mix of music is from all decades fusing the House of Pain’s Jump Around to Kanye West and Tinie Tempah. Goldfinger starts playing to introduce the band that appears along with the man himself to a rapturous welcome. Although Green wasn’t as full of energy as Drewett was beforehand the crowd react with the same response, they seem to be having an amazing time.

About halfway through the set Professor Green brings Ed Drewett back out to help with the song ‘I need you tonight’. This really has fans going as Ed Drewett brings back his bounciness to the stage.

Throughout the set Green has his backup singers bring themselves forward to cover parts by other artists, such as the Lily Allen parts of ‘Just be good to Green’. They also seemed to interact well with the crowd giving more energy into the performance.

Overall both performers gave a stand out show that is worthy of a 5 star rating and really shows that they have talent and are good at what they do. I personally enjoyed it a lot and you can tell the fans were very happy as they were screaming ear piercingly loud.

By Kirsten Thorpe.

By CarlP on February 13, 2011

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