Twin Shadow And Brilliant Mind @ The Cluny, Newcastle Friday 28th January 2011

“You must be out of your brilliant mind” (Furniture 1984)


This is the second time I have seen Brilliant Mind and for the second time I am happily confused. Both times I have started off not liking them and by the end of the set loving them. Why? I don’t know. Like early Pulp they are a mix of boys and girls. Like The Smiths they rely on lyrics and an enigmatic frontman. Like Orange Juice they jingle and jangle. Like the Northern scamps they are they sing songs about Blyth and Ospreys.


Described the next day on text as “Phil Lynott fronting New Order”. Well not quite. Twin Shadow does bear a passing resemblance to the late, great leader of Thin Lizzy and some of his tunes do owe a debt to Factorys finest, but all comparisons are lazy. I know we all use them and we even seek them out. If you see someone new you tell friends who they sound like and if friends have seen someone new they tell you who they sounded like. Its difficult not to but Twin Shadow doesn’t really fit any easy pigeon hole. He grooves, he rocks and he rolls out tune after tune. His debut album; Forget (4AD) is superb. A real grower. It gets better each time I play it and live the tunes take on an extra dimension. The Cluny was packed and despite some difficulties with where to stand. (My only criticism of this great venue is that there are areas where gaining a decent view requires the neck of a very dextrous giraffe!!!) Once a prime position on the stairs is procured we relax and enjoy. A great night out.

Sorry for the delay in this review but I’ve been to loads of things in recent weeks and haven’t had the time to write them all up. Wife and kids are at Centre Parcs so I’m catching up on things. Thats my excuse, anyway!!!!




THE CLUNY             


By peter on February 25, 2011

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