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Mammal Hum- Man On Fire Ep


There’s only four members of Hull’s, Mammal Hum, though it sounds like at least, twice that, with the vast array of instruments that drift in and out of their songs. I’m picking up synths, xylophones, one of those melodica thingys and what even sounds like a Rolf Harris stylophone?!?!… though I could be mistaken, (it’s happened before,) computer wizardry being what it is.

You see, I’m a man of simple, musical tastes. Guitar, bass and drums, have generally been my staple fodder, having been weaned on a diet of pure punk, I generally gain all the musical sustenance I need, in the fertile, guitar-driven, indie plains. Though, I have had the odd dalliance. (you know who you are!)

That said, I’ve instantly warmed to Mammal Hum, I’m reminded of Glasgow’s, Mitchell Museum, (which I’m still listening to, an awful lot at the moment!) and that harmonised , Beach Boy-ish, choral effect, over looping strings and percussion, that tips a sleepy-eyed, psychedelic nod to The Flaming Lips, (probably before it passes out in the corner and burns a small cigarette hole in your carpet.)

Title track on this fine debut outing, is the infectiously catchy, Man On Fire, an awesome tune. “He’s ALIGHT!!!…he’s alright…” Although it reminds me of a pop-up book I read as a kid, about a little train, that rescued villagers from an erupting volcano, (it was terrifying actually) all around is molten lava and falling flaming rocks, while the little train, gathers pace, twisting and turning, all the time getting faster and faster, till all of a sudden a bridge blows and the train hurtles off the end at full speed… then you suddenly find, after nearly having a bleedin’ heart attack, that the little bugger can fly, and off it sores off the page and into the sunset! It’s no wonder I’m f*cked up! Anyway… childhood nightmares apart… it’s a cracking song!

Bingo Wing (singular) is next up, a stomping, drum driven, T-Rexious, foot tapping, head nodder complete, with whistle/guiro interludes.

“Turn this music up to ten!”… is the almost whispered opening line on, Maybe Tomorrow, with a sweeter, softer, more laid back Cobain meets Lennon feel.

We Are Little Hands, is the last track, and builds steadily and hypnotically into a type of, We Are Little Hands Mantra, until Rolf Harris comes in at the end with his stylophone solo!

They’re painting some beautifully rich musical landscapes on this EP. It was a pleasure to listen to it, and just the sort of gem you hope to discover. Currently unsigned, but surely not for long. You can listen to Man On Fire, on the radio player, over on the right there and other tracks in the usual places;

….or live on May 27th at Cottingham Springboard Festival, Hull

This beautiful EP is also available on digital download for a trifling £2.49 through

By Dave on February 26, 2011

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