The Go! Team And The Phoenix Foundation @ The Cluny, Newcastle On Sunday 6th February 2011

Again, apologies first. It seems so long ago I can’t even remember what happened. Am I getting too old for all this rock n roll? Am I just too busy/lazy/good looking? This was a Sunday a few weeks ago, too much cider in The Cluny and The Cumberland. Oh, its all coming back to me now. Great night, bad hangover, enjoyed most of what I saw. So, lets get on with it…..

The Phoenix Foundation are from New Zealand. They are witty and confident in a way which tells us they’re quite big in their homeland. But as their home land is tiny then they are going to have to stretch their horizons somewhat. But they’re good. I even buy the album (on vinyl) and almost forget to collect it at the end!!!! The album is called Buffalo. Cool name, cool record. They remind me of Prefab Sprout and Crowded House. I know that doesn’t sound great but they were. A mixture of the old and the new. Laid back on stage, they have a good time vibe that sits nicely with this Sunday evening crowd.



Bitte Bitte


Orange & Mango

Bright Opey


Then The Go! Team burst onto stage. And I mean burst. They are all energy and jumping about like a six year olds birthday party when the lemonades been spiked with skittles. Andy Carr has been raving about them as the  best live band ever and at times they do have something. The crowd love the shouty, up beat numbers when Ninja jumps about and demands we all get down, or up, and boogie. Her enthusiasm is infectious but not really my cup of tea. I prefer when she goes off and one of the guitarist sings. Then they become more like Sonic Youth, rather than their previous incarnation as Sonic the Hedgehog, mixed with a dash of Shonen Knife. I like it. The Go! Team seem to be two different bands. One with Ninja all wide eyed, shouty, shouty. The other more rocky. I prefer the latter. The crowd seem to enjoy both. You cannot question their desire for everyone to have a good time and I think everyone did, even me!!!



Grip like a vice

Huddle Formation

Voice yr Choice

Secretary Song


Running Range

Ready to go steady

Yosemite Theme

Flashlight Fight

Buy nothing day

The power is on

Bottle Rocket

Keys to the City

Encore: Instrumental (not on set list)

Apollo Throwdown

Titanic Vandalism

Another great night from The Kids are Solid Gold. A big thanks to Andy Carr and to the man who is looking to upstage the Royal Wedding; yes, the Esteemed Phil Carey. Who ties the knot soon. But they’ve still got time to promote great gigs and transport us all up to the venue as well. A big thank-you to both gentlemen.



THE GO! TEAM             



By peter on February 26, 2011

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