Jonny + Support @ The Westgarth On Friday 18th February 2011


“This is not a whisper of my affections, I will shout them loud” -The Daydream Club.
A fitting quote, I feel, as this is my first music review, written solely because I enjoyed this gig so much and I am willing to shout about it…well write about it. Three support acts, all good in their own different way, a great headlining band and with a fantastic atmosphere (something which has become customary at any TKASG gig). Who could ask for more?

Steve is one man and his guitar with all the energy and enthusiasm of a complete band, singing songs from his new album ‘When Butterflies Attack’. He’s got some up-beat, catchy melodies and lyrics. Reminiscent of Del Amitri, with a Middlesbrough twang, it’s that kind of feel good music that you’d listen to on a summertime ‘ice-cream drive’ to Great Ayton.

Second up were Darren Reay and Andy Jones, a.k.a. Sal Paradise. Soft Stockton voices that created a mellow chilled out sound. With atmospheric music that won the audience over, they endeavoured to do something original which was warmly received by the crowd.

As I sat by the door of the intimate Westgarth venue, sipping on white wine, my ears pricked up as The Daydream Club took to the stage. I heard two of my favourite things in music: harmonies and a bit of fancy guitar tapping. I was instantly hooked. The crisp voice of Paula Walker coupled with some impeccable harmonies from Adam Pickering makes for great listening. It is simple, and simply beautiful. The only thing missing for me was a piano, but lo and behold, Adam is a talented lad. On their album ‘Overgrown’, which at £5 for 13 fantastic tracks is a bargain if ever I knew one, he also plays piano. And boy does he play piano! The second track ‘The Affair’ is like the score to a silent movie, whilst the lyrics tell us the story – it’s an impressive sound. I have been listening to their album none stop for the past two weeks and shall no doubt continue to do so for a long while after. This is music to do nothing to but listen – it’s well worth it.

Our long awaited headliners were here at last. I have been a fan of Euros Childs ever since Andy Carr introduced me to him at The Knights in 2007. However, I had never heard of Norman Blake or of Teenage Fan Club – a travesty which has now been rectified. They looked like the most unlikely duo:- Euros cuts the figure of a young whippersnapper in a t-shirt two sizes too big for him, whilst Norman Blake reminded me of a 1970’s milk tray man sailing through the window on a sound wave. I mean this in the most endearing way; they weren’t hiding behind coordinated checked shirts and bravado as some of the new generation of musicians do. They are seasoned musicians, who are all about the music and the lyrics and appear at ease with both each other and the crowd. And after their first number – ‘Bread’, with its witty words and jovial keyboard riff, the crowd were at ease with them.
From then on, both music and atmosphere just got better and better. With Doors-esque organs and harmonies that could have come straight out of the 60’s, both old and young seemed to be lapping up the performance. Even the between song banter was greeted with much laughter from the audience, which may have had something to do with people loving the Welsh and Scottish accents after a few pints. A few songs into the set, we were introduced to a third member of the band: the aptly named ‘Dr Rhythm’, a.k.a. Jonny’s drum machine. According to Euros, the good Dr is a bit of a temperamental soul, but he definitely adds another dimension to their music. After a relatively upbeat set, except for the haunting ‘Never Alone’, they finished with a cover of the Everly Brothers’ ‘Let It be Me’ sending the audience into a hypnotic sway. It was a fantastic end to both their set and the night itself.

You Was Me

Wich Is Wich


Ursula’s Crow

Little Baby


Waiting Around For You

The Good Night

English Lady

Cave Dance

I Want To Be Around You

Circling The Sun

I’ll Make Her My Best Friend

Never Alone

I Don’t Want Control Of You

Spanish Dance Troupe

Let It Be Me

A big thank you to Andy Carr and Phil Carey: the brains and the looks behind The Kids Are Solid Gold. A great night was had by all. More please!







By Clare H on March 8, 2011

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  1. well done – a great review clare! x

    Comment by Siobhan — March 9, 2011 @ 12:41 pm

  2. yes an excellent review,I was the cynic with Pete on the night of the gig!!! I was expecting 10 lines or so!!

    Comment by Andrew Storey — March 10, 2011 @ 1:58 pm

  3. Haha! 10 lines indeed! I’d like to think I can produce some half decent stuff when I put my mind to things. Cheers for the kind words. Much appreciated.

    Comment by Clare H — March 10, 2011 @ 3:45 pm

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