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Reet, stop what you’re doing and listen to this…  that my friends is Higher Bridges, the forthcoming single by The Grandfather Birds. Remember The Woods, from last year ? More beautifully crafted, atmospheric, loveliness, heading your way from the Newcastle foursome, emerging as one of the regions sparkling  talents. The single is out officially on May 2nd and is backed by a suitably Northern tour that will surely gain them more of the audience they deserve.

Singer Matt Saxon, says of Higher Bridges; “It’s hard to put into words, but I’d say that the song is about family, and that typical relationship with your parents; how you fall in and out with the idea that they’re beyond human before settling on the conclusion that yes, they are indeed superheroes”

“The opening line reflects that tendency to stop doing as your parents desire you to do as you grow up. Like when children jump off of rocks despite being told not to. As they get older, they get more daring. This song is about letting the people who care about you know that it’s ok. It’s a song about growing up; a coming of age, if you like.”

The single itself was recorded outdoors, with producer and Little Comets guitarist Michael Coles leading recording sessions under a variety of Newcastle’s legendary bridges.

“We basically wanted to do things differently. We met up with Mickey from Little Comets who really wanted to work with us, and we both had exactly the same idea of recording the song out doors to capture natural reverb and background noise. We somehow evolved the idea into recording underneath bridges to fit with the lyrical concept. We bought a car battery converter that acted as a generator, and set out in the middle of the night, usually about 1am. It took around about 5 nights to do the whole thing, and these took place over about 2 weeks. We recorded underneath, inside and on top of the Tyne Bridge, Byker Bridge, High Level Bridge, Swing Bridge, and the Metro Bridge. The end result I suppose is that all the sounds you hear on the song are natural and at one point, if you listen carefully enough, you can hear a car driving over the bridge above.”

So there you go… listen and buy here and go see…

Higher Bridges Tour

1st May – Berwick Barrels Alehouse

3rd May – Newcastle Bridge Hotel (Single Launch)

4th May – Edinburgh Whistle Binkies

5th May – Glasgow Bar Bloc

6th May – Liverpool Mello Mello

7th May – Durham Durham Live Lounge

8th May – Sunderland Bar Pure

23rd May – Newcastle Other Rooms Huw Stephens Presents…

4th June – Buttermere Lake District Paragliders Festival

2nd July – Berwick Green Festival

15th July – CramlingtonThree Horse Shoes Festival

6th August – Newcastle Ignition Festival

12th August – Durham Leave Me Here Festival

19th August – Ashington Rec Festival



Bridge Photos by the band.

Band photos courtesy of Jazzy Lemon.


By Dave on April 8, 2011

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