Peculiar Disco Moves

Peculiar Disco Moves are an up and coming North-East 5 piece band, their music a quirky mix of danceable pop tunes and colourful tales of British Life. Their self-titled debut EP is officially released on 23rd May with an EP launch gig to support this at The Cluny 2 on Friday 20th May. To date the support from the debut EP has been fantastic with airplay from BBC Newcastle, BBC Tees, Alan Robsons Nightowls show on Metro Radio, Radio Teesdale, Amazing Radio, NE1FM and an upcoming single review in Mays edition of The Crack.

Frontman Alix Shepherd’s powerful storytelling vocals have a unique delivery; his wide-ranging, natural, unpolished vocals project strong expression and character to the song stories. The lyrics are taken from every day peculiar observations: a dark take on modern life expressed in a musically light-hearted manner. Lead track “I Don’t Want The World To End On Tuesday” is a great example of this and references the current political state of our society, likening it to times gone by, and the coincidence that Margaret Thatcher, Henry VIII and lead singer Alix were all born on the mundane of a Tuesday. “Mr X “ takes on the taboo of an illicit teacher–student affair mixing up the light with the darkness of the teacher’s obsession and “Manual Liar” about the exploitation of children in society, perhaps all everyday issues that aren’t always sang about in an upbeat manner.

The band have spent the last year writing, recording and finding new musical toys and gadgets to coax melodies from for their debut EP and have an album planned for the summer. The harmonies (and trousers) have been tightened, the instruments primed and the synths tuned. Alix says “We’re splendidly excited. In essence the EP gig should unlock a hybrid of dance moves stored far away in the hidden-most echelons of one’s mind. It is a spectacle that will redefine boundaries.”

The energy in the music transmits amazingly live combined with peculiar disco moves, catch this exciting act live before the secret is out……………………

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By peter on May 7, 2011

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