Cattle And Cane At Ormesby Hall 15th July 2011

“Thanks all the same. But I just can’t bring myself to answer your letters. It’s not your fault. But your honesty touches me like a fire. The polaroids that hold us together, will surely fade away. Like the love that we spoke of forever on  St. Swithins day”. Billy Bragg: St Swithin’s Day (Brewing up with Billy Bragg 1984)

Firstly you’re probably thinking why you hadn’t seen this gig advertised. Secondly you’ve probably wondered wether or not it rained on St Swithin’s day (meaning that we would get wet for the next 40 days) and thirdly you probably haven’t even the faintest interest in number two!!! Yesterday was the marriage of the esteemed Phil Carey (co-promoter of The Kids are Solid Gold) and his new bride, the gorgeous Sue Stephenson (owner of the Cafe Prego in MIMA, Middlesbrough). So is two cultural giants getting wed good enough for a Northern Line story? Well,yes. If you throw in the fact that it all took place in Ormesby Hall. A National Trust owned venue slap bang in the middle of the town of Middlesbrough. And that the great Cattle & Cane performed two songs during the service. Then it all starts to look like something you might all be interested in. Also on show (see photos) was a customised wheelie bin given the artistic make over by Sally Thurrell. If you remember, Sally was featured on the Northern Line a few months back. Check out her site. (Link below)

Ormesby Hall was first built in about 1600. It was modernised in the 18th Century and is a Grade 1 listed building. It really is an amazing place. Also right in the middle of the Ormesby area of Middlesbrough. It was my first visit and very impressed I was too. Check out their site for opening times and events that are staged throughout the summer.

Cattle and Cane are one of, if not our favourite band, here at The Northern Line. So when I found out they were performing at Phil and Sues wedding I was very much excited. The fact they only did two songs, both covers, and one was a Bruce Springsteen song did not detract from how good they were. Joe  Hammill and sister Helen performed firstly on the piano and second song with just an acoustic guitar. The first song “If  I should fall behind” (Lucky Town 1992) by Bruce Springsteen (Phil’s favourite performer) I recognised. But the second I thought was an original. It was only in talking to Joe and Helen afterwards that I discovered it was by Tom Baxter. A hautingly good tune called “Better” (Skybound 2008)  Then they were gone. It added the icing to what had been a lovely service in the grand surroundings of the hall.

When can you next catch Cattle & Cane? Well they are recording a new EP (their second) for release in October. They will be doing a two week tour around this time. More news as we get it but I’m sure they’ll be stopping off in Boro and Newcastle.

As for the happy couple we wish them every joy in their life ahead. It was a great day. Lovely weather, lovely company, great food and plenty to drink. I didn’t feel quite so lovely the morning after but it was well worth it. A big thank-you to Phil and Sue, Joe and Helen, the staff at Ormesby Hall and all the guests at the wedding.







By peter on July 16, 2011

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