Ignition Festival Cancelled. Then Not Cancelled. Then Cancelled Again. Gah.


In a statement just released on the festival website, Newcastle’s Ignition Festival has now been officially cancelled. And according to the organisers, it was Newcastle Racecourse, the festival’s venue, who pulled the plug.

This follows the confusion over the last couple of days where the festival’s organisers announced the cancellation on their Facebook page, then later denied announcing the cancellation, again on their Facebook page.

What doesn’t help is that Newcastle Racecouse have since released a press statement that lays the blame on Ignition fest organisers.

Strange things are most definitely afoot at the Circle K. We’ll keep you posted.

Oh, and if you bought tickets, the official advice is to drop an email to info@i-fest.co.uk.

By Barry Bell on August 4, 2011

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