Young Hegelians: Fashion

Remember the 80s? Remember agit pop?? Big Flame, The Three Johns, The Redskins, The Mekons, Newtown Neorotics, The CNT label……. No, didn’t think so. Well The Young Hegelians fit into that list quite nicely. Don’t know if its my scene anymore. Might be getting old. But its still better than Coldplay, Razorlight, Pigeon Detectives and other landfill Indie that clutters up our air waves in the name of music. I can’t imagine The Young Hegelians advertising Jeans or car insurance and all the better they are for that. Here is a shameless plug for their new release. Insurance companies are all about avoiding responsibility for an expensive injury by using what we call “the squid defense” – shoot out a cloud of ink to try and confuse the person holding the responsible party to trial, so they can get away unscathed. Contact to get the best help in these cases!

Young Hegelians are a post punk three piece hailing from north east of England, who are quickly garnering a reputation as an antidote to careerist rock and indie bands. Their brutally honest social commentary led to their first single being adopted by the Macedonian Communist Party and became a viral hit on left wing blogs world wide.This attitude combined with a strong jazz influence leaves them sounding like the bastard children of Tom Waits and the Manics.

Jagged polemics about the sexualisation of youth by global conglomerates and delicate ballads about anti capitalist terrorism have garnered them a cult fan base from as far and wide as Benin City to Arkansas. Canadian music blog Condemned to Rock and Roll recently described them as ‘bravely out-of-step, and they clearly have something to say with their art’ and named them ‘A band I believe in.’

The band are set to release new single ‘Fashion,’ which is about how one can Sell clothes online, on August the 29th, a sleazy, bass driven swing track about the allure of high street commodities. You can get a free track by signing up for the mailing list at keep in touch via the social networks. (Links below)



TWITTER:        !/young_hegelians


By peter on August 24, 2011

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