Stone Roses – Feeding Frenzy

Wow!  10,714 tickets a minute. The touts have been busy. I did hope that touting nonsense could be quashed in this day and age. Seems only if you really want to.

Still, I can honestly say, if I’d had the spare reddies I, too would have been on line this morning blagging myself a slice of Heaton Park action, next summer.

Despite their knockers, (Ooer madam)… I love the Stone Roses and have grumbled for many a year, to anyone who’d listen, about how they were one of the bands I’d “wished” I‘d seen live. Along with Tom Waits and funnily enough The Chili Peppers.  (Coincidence? You decide.) The Stone Roses were a breath of fresh air to me, as I  played my invisible maracas, eyes closed in the sweaty Riverside, grooving  to their funky, danceable, hooks, (pinged off my tits of course, but that doesn’t matter.)  I liked the spin off stuff too, The Seahorses and the Ian Brown solo stuff. You can’t say they didn’t have an impact… and it certainly was fun.

So… a world tour now beckons, and even if Shaun Ryder is right and Ian just needs the cash, that’s all right with me too… perhaps I might catch them on one of those dates, if I’m lucky (and financially less challenged.) Paris on the Eurostar would probably work out cheaper than some of those Manchester dates currently up on eBay… or The Dam on the ferry. Now there’s a thought!!!!!

Anyway… I’d also just like to add that, about a fortnight ago, I had my old bass out. First time in a long, long while. And was playing about nostalgically to “She Bangs The Drum” and “I Wanna Be Adored” so it seemed another bizarre coincidence that within a matter of days Squire, Brown et al were doing press releases about reunion shows.

Anyoo… just saying… if Mani calls in sick… I’m available for a couple of numbers.

By Dave on October 21, 2011

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