Puddle Of Mudd & Soil @ The Empire, Middlesbrough 19/10/11

Walking in I’d never seen The Empire Theatre so empty, which put a lot of doubts in my mind about how the night was going to pan out. I headed straight for the bar and hoped for the best. If this was going to be the set standard of the night the bar was were I was staying.
Verses opened the show, to a very small audience. Not a well known band as, unfortunately, I was unable to find any of their stuff online. But someday I hope to be writing a full review on these guys. Hope they make the big time.

The crowd was beginning to fill out a little as the more known Dear Superstar took stage. After possibly spending more time perfecting his look than me, the front man, Micky Satiar and his band served up songs from their album Damned Religion. Which I wont be searching for online.

Awaiting the next band I hoped for something better than what I’d just heard, so I nipped to the bar.
Being served within 5 minutes I was shocked to turn and find what was previously a half empty dance floor was now filled with Puddle Of Mudd fans. Their timing was perfect as Puddle Of Mudd, Winners of Modern Rock Artist of the Year and Rock Artist of the Year in 2002 by Billboard Music Awards, was about to dominate The Empire.
The band dished out some of the crowds favourites including, Control, Never Letting Go and She F****** Hates me.
Along with every other person who came, I was hot and cramped, but carefree. The crowd merged together as we rocked out to the double award winning band.

Then, along came Soil. Ryan McCombs, Adam Zadel, Tim King and Jon Wysocki’s outlined silhouettes graced the stage. The crowd was ready. The music kicked in and so did the thrill of the mosh pits. The band gave a show stopping performance. Playing songs from the album Scars, released in 2001, and Redefine, released in 2004. The line up consisted of Breaking Me Down, Cross My Heart and Unreal. Announcing their closing song it was what we’d all been waiting for; Halo (from the album Scars). Every fan was red faced, belting out the well known lyrics. The song was over but thankfully not the gig. Chants of “we want more!” filled the theatre. We got more. Under the red lights, once again Soil aimed to please. We were expecting an unreal close to the unreal gig and Soil delivered. Pride, from their Redefine album was in fact to be the closing song. What a decision. The energetic atmosphere doubled, every fan made the most of the additional song.
Unfortunately the gig had to end. J Records (a division of RCA Records) was right to sign this band, they left each of us on a high.
And I only visited the bar twice.

A big thanks to Rebecca Yeoman for her second review in a week. Also thanks again to Ash at the Empire. Lots of great stuff coming up, check the link below and look out for another preview soon.


THE EMPIRE: http://www.theempire.co.uk/home.html

By peter on October 22, 2011

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