York Hen Party: Spa, Vanity And Happy House! And All In Style, Too.

York and hen parties are cosy bed fellows. We all know that. I had a wonderful time, we all did, and the best things about it was: it was civilized! No shrieking in sight, no roaring, lolloping idiocy. Just good old fashioned elegant fun. I suppose the choice of venues helped. During the day we went to Cedar Court Grand and chill-axed to the max. 16 twenty something girls, all kicking back and letting the nerves of the working week ebb away – in the middle of one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. Beautiful. Then they took me shopping. H&M and Zara and all that is OK, but York does wonders with Vivienne Westwood and Sarah Coggles. Spent more than I’d've liked, but that’s part of what a Hen party is all about – a little excess is good, non? And I’m not talking alcoholic excess: I love a drink, I love a dance and I love a party. But this whole binge thing is not my style. So it was with a smile we went to Vanity Grill. Surely one of the better establishments I’ve ever been too in the North: it was like a moment out of MadMen. The lights! The music! The cocktails! We ate like royalty and we were all treated in real style. Afterwards, it was a toss up between doing the Micklegate run or staying with Vanity and going to the club upstairs. Happy House! In the middle of York! Babe, it was like 1995 all over again!
Thanks York – you showed a Hen that you know how to party in style. I’ll spread the word.

By Viv on October 28, 2011

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