Shrug: The Band With Square Wheels

The band with square wheels: A Shrug Retrospective

We Are Open Pop Up Gallery 148 Linthorpe Road – Middlesbrough
Exhibition – 15th – 18th December
Shrug gig 15th December and grand opening

On Thursday 15th December we are going to be throwing open the doors of the We Are Open Pop Up Gallery to Teesside band and near institution Shrug. 25 years and counting or should that be 26 years and counting? Maths has never been a strongpoint for the band that can count hundreds of gigs and almost as many ex band members to their name. Most of the former Shruggies will be returning for a special reunion gig at the Pop Up Gallery, Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough on Thursday evening. Maybe even including former drummer Mr Gary Bradford of the Space Raiders.

And it is a free welcome to the public for an exhibition charting the ups, downs and squared circles of the band that recorded Van With Square Wheels at the end of the 80s a song that was included in John Robb’s book and CD compilation of Post Post Punk bands – Death To Trad Rock

The Shrug retrospective will feature posters, fan letters, lyrics and as many items of memorabilia as you can throw a hat on, talking of which… Slightly famed for dressing in a horses head, Shrug singer Robert Nichols will be showing off many of his hats, props, coats, and toys all part of his stage craft.. As well videos and embarrassing photos from the first ever western band to go through Check Point Charlie to play in East Berlin without a visa. A feat that earned them a call up on Look North. One of several tv appearances at the back end of the 80s early 90s.

Shrug backed up a number of big names like Chumbawamba, not many longer names are there? They also were selected as support for a European tour by Dutch legends The Ex and at the turn of the century Lou Barlow’s Sebadoh asked Shrug to back them on a quick jaunt across Europe.

There were several vinyl and non vinyl singles – including Beardo Weirdo, Nevil Wanless EP and Building Society and a long player, Septober, Octember, Nowonder. Last year’s split single with Dutch masters Bent Moustache made Wire magazine’s pick of the year. And only last month the band worked with concert violinist and photographerTracy Hyman producing an EP Too Many Cooks.

Hope everyone can make it down to immerse themselves in Shrug The Band with Square Wheels.

Robert Nichols

By peter on December 6, 2011

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